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Le Beaulieu Relocation

A New Location for Bangkok's Best French Restaurant

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Le Beaulieu

Repeatedly winning acclaim as one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Chef Herve and his staff at Le Beaulieu are cooking up the best quality French meals in Bangkok.
You know that great feeling you have after enjoying a sublime meal? Well that is what you get from Le Beaulieu each and every time.

Le Beaulieu Relocation

As many of you might be aware the very successful French restaurant Le Beaulieu is relocating to a more central base. The premises on Sukumvit soi 19 were not too bad, but the growing popularity of the restaurant meant Le Beaulieu has just out grown itself. To continue serving their customers professionally and promptly, as well as build the Le Beaulieu customer family, a new base was essential. Le Beaulieu 2012 and beyond will be based in the fancy Ruam Rudee area of Bangkok, in the essentially elegant Athenee Tower.


This new location will enable Chef Herve Frerard and Mark to add a wine bar and bakery section to further wow their growing band of customers. Many thanks for Thailand International Tours for their recommendation.


Get ready for the big opening!
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Russian Links with Thailand

Historical Partners

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In this ever changing world, Thailand’s strategic partners are changing. Thailand’s ties with Russia continue to develop and trade is forever growing between the two great nations.

The History between Thailand & Russia

The visit of King Chulalongkorn to Russia and his meeting with Emperor Nikolas II in 1897, resulted in the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Next year will be the 115th anniversary of this event. In 1863 the first Russian navy ship anchored at Siam. Tsesarevich (Crown Prince) Nikolas visited Siam and met King Chulalongkorn for the first time in 1891.

More evidence of a close historical bond between the two countries is the fact that King Chulalongkorn’s son Prince Chakrapong graduated from the General Staff’s Military Academy of the Russian Army. The prince was also married to a Russian lady, Ekaterina Desnitskaya.
Many people may not know that the music for the Thai Royal Anthem was written by Russian composer Peter Shchurovsky.

In modern times a significant bilateral event was the state visit, by the invitation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, of Vladimir Putin to Thailand in 2003, when he participated in the APEC Summit in Bangkok and conducted negotiations with the Thai government. A reciprocal visit was paid by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on behalf of His Majesty the King in 2007.

Increasing Numbers of Russian Tourists to Thailand

Tourism is of special importance. About 300,000 tourists from Russia visited Thailand in 2009. Last year the number exceeded 600,000. This figure is expected to rise this year.

According to Thai immigration there are tens of thousands of Russians living in Thailand on a more or less permanent basis. There are Russian consuls in Pattaya and Phuket which provide support for any Russian tourists.

Trade Partners

Thailand is the largest trade partner of Russia among ASEAN countries. Last year bilateral trade reached a record level of four billion USD. Russia is a big importer of Thai rice, seafood, fruits, automobile parts, and Thailand is interested in Russian oil and metal products.
In the investment sphere, the Thai company CPF actively operates in Russia in building feed mills and swine farms. These projects now total around 50 million USD. This number will continue to be developed. There is a goal to increase the volume of bilateral trade up to six billion USD in the next few years.

The Future

Russia is the largest country in the world, situated across both the European and Asian continents. And two thirds of their territory is in Asia. As a result there is massive room for expansion of Thai business interests in Russia. The number of Russian tourists is also expected to rise over the next five years, but probably not at the rates of the last few years. There are also plans to work together in the fields of science and technology, energy, outer space, agriculture, culture and education. Exciting times for both countries!!

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The Cafe de Palm

A Salaya Gem

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Many thanks first must go to my guide Ning from Thailand International Tours who introduced this little gem to us. Café de Palm in Salaya, is part of The Palm Resort which is a small quaint resort nestled with the sois surrounding Mahidol University, Phuddamonton, in Nakorn Pathom. After a trip to Wat Laiking, a Thai temple in this area with Thailand International Tours, our tour group stopped by Café de Palm for a spot of lunch.


We had six people in our group, and after a busy day touring we were all famished, therefore ordered a great selection of foods.
First off was a delightful, originally authentic Tom Yum soup which featured all the famous Thai spices - salty, sour, sweet and spicy - this soup provided a pungent and zesty feast of flavours with every mouthful. Next to tell you about was the Laab Chicken Salad, also a classic Thai dish. Chicken can be replaced by beef, pork or even duck. The main ingredient in any ‘Laab’ dish is fresh mint, which I think marries superbly with the chicken.


Thai Spring Rolls are usually vegetarian by variety with clear noodles or vermicelli. These were lovely and fresh tasting spring rolls at Café de Palm. Served with sweet chilli sauce and freshly sliced cucumber. The Vegetable Carving was a fantastic touch and just goes to show the care and attention to the food that Café de Palm takes.


One of our group wasn’t as adventurous and went for a Thai Burger, served with hash browns, but that also looked a very tasty delight. This was served with home grown vegetables and a spicy, tangy chilli sauce.


The Thai Caesar Salad came with romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, crunchy bacon bits, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper. Yummy! Caesar salad is one of my favourite salads and one that I usually request when dining out, but on this occasion was ordered by our Thailand International Tours guide, so I had to watch every mouthful disappear.


The Thai Seafood Spaghetti was rich with spicy flavours and like all great Thai cuisine here at Café de Palm was a treat. It was slightly sweet and quite spicy, harmonizing wonderfully with the shrimp, mussels and clams. Lots of garlic was used, and the black olives were a pleasing touch.


The restaurant is decorated well, with a main feature of a model of the HMS Bounty sitting proudly at one end, and a replica of the Victoria Station Clock and Thai handicrafts which fit nicely with the relaxed atmosphere.



Café de Palm
200/250 Moo 5
Salaya Soi 1
Phuddamonton, Nakorn Pathom
02 441 5367 / 081 753 1384



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Mamma Mia Pizza Salaya

Best pizzas and burgers in Bangkok

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Mamma Mia Pizza is an Italian Restaurant located in Salaya, Nakorn Pathom, Thailand in the grounds of an apartment called Rangsee Place. The restaurant is run by an Italian native called Paolo, who has been in the restaurant business all his life. Paolo is very knowledgeable of course in all aspects of his business from how to roast coffee beans, to creating the best pizza bases.


I actually first came across this pizza restaurant when Thailand International Tours had taken me to Dorn Wai Floating Market, which is close by. Since that first meal with my Thailand International Tours guide I have been back many times since.

The majority of Mamma Mia’s customers are teachers, support staff and students from Mahidol University who live in and share the small town.

Mamma Mia Pizza specialize in Italian thin pizzas, pastas, burgers, and Asian Fusion food. The food is exceptional, and I especially like the Belfast Burger, which must be the best burger I have had in Thailand. I had to ask where Paolo gets his patties from because they are truly great burgers, and he told me a Scottish Butcher makes them for him. Also the Parma Ham and Blue Cheese pizza is awesome.


There appears to be special alcohol and shisha promotions regularly, which look to be very popular. They have a free delivery service around Salaya, which I have heard is very efficient although I have only eaten in the restaurant.


So if you fancy some fantastic pizza, or perhaps a lush burger give Mamma Mia Pizza Salaya, Nakorn Pathom a try.

Go see for yourself!

Mamma Mia Pizza Salaya, Nakorn Pathom


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Dorn Wai Market, Sam Pharn, Nakorn Pathom

A taste of old style Thai

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This is definitely a market for Thai people just by the look and feel of it. I have also never seen another westerner there, although I haven’t been often myself. Some people call this a floating market, but to me it looks like a market on the banks of the Nakhon Chaisi River. I don’t think you will see many vendors selling their fruit and vegetables from little boats like in the picture postcards of other Thai floating markets, or like Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. But this market is impressive in its own right.


Don Wai Market has been in this location for over a hundred years, established in the reign of King Rama VI. I believe it was started by Chinese traders escaping troubles in China, who just happened to land in this location. There is a huge mural near the market which is over 5 metres long depicting an amazing bustling scene from centuries back. Perhaps one of these early traders artwork.
The market was originally famous for the boiled ducks and duck noodle soup, but now there appears to be every Thai food imaginable. So if you are a Thai food aficionado, you’ll love this market.


How to get there? Nakhon Pathom is on the west side of Bangkok. I had a driver from Thailand International Tours who drove us and we took the Kanchanapisek Outer Ring Road, but Yuan our driver said it is probably best to get a meter taxi unless you have a smart phone with GPS. But if you feel brave head for Wat Rai Khing.


So this weekend why not try Dorn Wai Market? You are going to love the local fruits and vegetables. Or perhaps enjoy the wide variety of Thai specialties ranging from rice and curries, papaya salad, roasted chicken, chilli paste to all kinds of Thai desserts. You’ll love it!!


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